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Understanding Google Play Verified Accounts

We have already heard about that word, right? Felt curious about why do they develop such a platform? Well, before we go with Google Play verified Accounts, let take a bit recap to some information around it. First stop,

Google Play. What is it?

Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and manned by Google. Known as Android Market, Google Play launched in 2008 and used up until today.

Before anything else, why is it important to have a Google Play Account? Google Play gives you access to various platforms that you need in Google Play Store. From apps like music, games, TV shows, and more, you have access to download them anytime and anywhere. Now that you have already understood what Google Play is, let’s move on to the next part.

But before that, you have to create an account first. Well, If you wish to have one, here’s a quick understanding of Google Play Verified Accounts.

google play accounts

Features and Benefits of Google Play Verified Accounts

Google Play Verified Accounts is a cloud-based service. The said verification is the process that a new or existing account undergoes a scan. Aside from that, it protects the users against abuse by proving that you are not a robot. Also, it keeps the spammer’s hands off your account from abuse. It must’ve done to make sure that the account is operated by a real person or group.


Here is the process that takes place to protect the user’s account:

1. Scanning. Features include scanning of all applications against malicious codes right before installation. Be it on Google Play Store nor sideloading, and it is still scanned for security.
2. Disables unwanted apps. Aside from scanning, it removes or disables applications that the user did not pursue—giving back available spaces on the phone’s storage. For its benefits, Google Play Verified Accounts is an app that clears mess inside an account. After understanding what a verified account means, you can now go on to the next step.

Google Play Store Account

As stated above, Google Play allows users to download free apps and other stuff in Google Play Store. Aside from apps, it includes movies, games, books, and even television shows.
All you have to do is to create an account where it can be an access to Google Play Store Account.
Here are the steps you can follow:
Step 1: You need to sign up for a Google Play Developer account.
Step 2: Agreement that the Developer presents must’ve agreed on
Step 3:You need to pay the registration fee.
Step 4: Set up complete account details.
Aside from Google Play Store Account, what is the Google Play Card Account?

Google Play Card Account

Users had been granted the power to which they can store both their credit and debit cards on Google wallet—considering the fact that many payment methods are quite inconvenient. Others keep on re-entering these methods that don’t need anything.

User can add the following credit/debit cards to their account:
• American Express
• MasterCard
• Visa
• Visa Electron

Note: Remember, The type of cards may vary once accepted on Google Play. When you think that a problem is about to occur in your account, contact your bank or the issuer of your card. It is possible that they will need temporary authorizations when using cards.

If all has been set, It is time for you to understand what to download. Differentiate paid apps and unpaid ones and enlighten you about how it affects us. Let’s now understand what the features and benefits of Paid Apps for us users are.


Features and Benefits of Paid Apps

1. Free from Advertisements.Are you tired of unending interruptions? Well, you should have paid apps now. Paid app doesn’t suffer from any interruptions and banners of advertisements. Users can do all the stuff they want without any annoying destructions within the app. This is one of the good things about paid apps.


2. Offers more Features. Paid apps offer more features than unpaid ones. Compared to the free apps, it unlocks more of the features that can be of great help for the user. Since the user is paying an amount to it, they can enjoy almost all apps for free.

3. Early Updates. Users who pay for apps receive regular updates compared to free app users. They got an earlier notification about the latest update to whereas they’re advanced. Aside from that, they receive more available updates, which makes them more stable.
4. Consumes Less Data. Are you wondering how it got less data consumption? Well, it has something to do with the first problem we have, “ads.” It’s simple, fewer advertisements, less data consumption. Watching ads for 30 or even a minute contributes to the decrease of your data balance. That’s why it is good to have paid apps to protect your data.

5. Minimized Distractions. Ads! Ads! Ads!. Yes, it has something to do with advertisements again. Having an unpaid app bothers you from time to time with ads. It pops up in the middle of nowhere. When playing, chatting with friends, or even during you are in a middle of a call. Good thing that you can lessen those now as paid apps had lesser ad distractions.
6. Growth for users; Revenue for developers. You read it right. Users gain growth while using the app, same as with the developers who receive profit with the help of the users. Every time an individual uses the app, they are paying it, and it all goes on the developer’s side. A give and take relationship is in place. It helps both parties by helping and receiving.


Google play have been with us since then. It helped us in different means, and for so many reasons, we had benefited a lot from it. Yet, the main focus of this is Google Play Verified Accounts. Well, we know now why verification is important for safety and security. We need something to protect our precious personal information against intruders. We are already in the era where technology reigns. Using such a platform is an advantage. For the last time, verifying one’s account will protect you against harm. It will secure you and everything about you.

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